w  y  a  t  t     w  a  g  n  e  r     r  a  c  i  n  g

1960's Raci​ng ​​
Willie Wagner
Cars have always been a part of who the "Wagners" are ... and Drag racing has been a passion of ours since the early 60s. Willie Wagner (Wyatt's Grandpa) raced several different types of cars. Most notably were the 62 Bel Air "Bubble Top" pictured and the original "Super Rat" 1962 Corvette which later went on to become the most winning Corvette on the ISCA show car circuit.

Second generation racer, son, Scott Wagner, started racing in his teen years and has most recently raced in the newest creation coming out of the Wagner family, 1968 Super Stock "Wagner" orange Camaro. Scott's most outstanding racing accomplishment to date is winning the 2002 NHRA Sears Craftsman Nationals in St. Louis, MO. Wyatt celebrated this win with his Dad, Mom (Kim Wagner) and his Grandpa, Paul Bowman, and Gram, Mary Bowman when he was 9 months old.

In the summer of 2010, third generation racer, Wyatt Wagner, began his racing career debuting in his custom built Motivational Tubing Jr. Dragster designed to match the collection of racecars that have been drag racing for more than 50 years. Wyatt competed at 8 years old in the 8-9 year old division at Heartland Park Topeka and was named 2010 points championship. In 2018, Wyatt started his career as a NHRA Sportsman Super Stock driver. As of Sept. 2018, Wyatt has won two Division 5 events, was a 2019 JEGS ALLStars Qualifier.

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  1. KCIR 1960s
    KCIR 1960s
  2. 1960s KCIR
    1960s KCIR
  3. Three generations, drag racers Wyatt, Scott & Willie
    Three generations, drag racers Wyatt, Scott & Willie
  4. Centerville Arkansa, Willie & Wyatt
    Centerville Arkansa, Willie & Wyatt
  5. Original "Super Rat"
    Original "Super Rat"
  6. 1970s Scott Wagner
    1970s Scott Wagner