w  y  a  t  t     w  a  g  n  e  r     r  a  c  i  n  g

2019 Accomplishements 

Topeka Div. July 27-28, 2019
Best Appearing 
Topeka, KS

2019 JEGS AllStars Qualifier

Topeka  KS — July 27, 2019
2018 Accomplishements 

Topeka Div. July 26-27
Super Stock Winner
Topeka, KS 

Topeka Div. July 28-29
Semi Finals 
Topeka, KS

Great Bend Div. Sept 29-30
Super Stock Winner
Great Bend

St. Louis Div. Oct 19-21 2018
Semi Finals
St. Louis

2018 Division 5 Champion
Super Stock​

2018 Rookie of the Year

October 2018
October 2019